Strength Based Coaching


Strength-Based Coaching

People with a positive focus are not just healthier and wealthier, they rise to challenges with confidence, and have happier relationships all the way around. A positive focus is key to maintaining positive regard and good will during stressful times. And like everything, it breeds upon itself, leading to even more positive thinking and an increasingly satisfying life.

Our coaching is based on Positive Psychology, which focuses on individual strengths and positive emotions, a radical departure from traditional problem-based therapy. This coaching may be done in person or by phone.

We don't ignore problems at all; but rather transform them into opportunities for growth by focusing on new ways of thinking about life.

By developing a new appreciation and a stronger understanding of your core strengths, you have moved the focus of your life from life-defeating negative thinking and onto the your strongest tools for effectively and lovingly dealing with life on life's terms.

Strength-based coaching helps you to:

  • Tap into your core strengths, right where you are;
  • Identify the core strengths of your relationships, family, individual, or business;
  • Build resilience;
  • Release the past through forgiveness; and
  • Build a lifestyle that provides a deep sense of gratification and meaning.