Family Coaching


Family Coaching
Family coaching helps identify a family's values along with a conscious family mission. A critical part of our approach is a "Code of Honor," a mutually agreeable set of behavioral guidelines based on your family's needs and values. These might include things like "keep your agreements; no name calling; take a time-out when angry; celebrate small victories as well as the big ones." These sessions need to be done with family members in person.

Family coaching helps members move beyond the individual pursuit of pleasure to into a nurturing, sustaining family life with much deeper gratification for all.

We help in:

  • Clarifying family values, virtues, and strengths
  • Identifying and focusing on strengths, parents and children alike;
  • Developing a positive mindset to handle the challenges of family life;
  • Helping family members see the role of honor as a source of deep gratification and happiness in family life;
  • Helping parents establish a united front for effective leadership;
  • Providing guidance for understanding developmental stages and age- related issues in parenting.
  • Recognizing charitable contribution as a critical component of gratification and lasting family health and wealth
  • Developing a generational perspective