Creating Environments of Harmony

Over the last fifty years, the amount of material items in the United States has more than doubled. At the same time the divorce rate has also doubled, crime has more than tripled, and we have soaring rates of depression. Research shows that once our basic needs are met, more stuff does not make us any happier. Actually in can make you feel increasingly overwhelmed, powerless, and depressed.

One way to move beyond the challenge of stuff is to simplify your life by getting rid and redistributing your stuff. Listen in to our teleconference on “Creating Environments of Harmony.” Samantha Shields, a creative energy optimizer, gave valuable insights on the challenges and tips to make your home more harmonious and livable. I shared my insights on the impact on our relationships and what is needed for healthy development. Then anthropologist, Dr. Jane Granskog, shared information on characteristics of societies that have found sustainable ways of living over the centuries.  Enjoy, it will broaden your perspective and give you many insights for moving beyond the challenge of stuff.