Celebrating Family Meals

Family meals bring us together, nourish us, and uplift our spirit.  All too often, however, family meals can create a lot of stress. With whom can you get together?  Are you stressed out from buying all the stuff and the work?  Are you worried about family arguing and people getting along?   Listen to the teleconference by three wise women as we help you to: Be grateful, co-create, and celebrate.

Samantha Shields, a home energy specialist gives her insights on simplifying, and managing the challenges of time and stuff.  Dr. Alice gives you tips for gaining cooperation and building positive family energy. Dr. Jane, a cultural anthropologist, will help us reflect on family meals and the larger community.


The Heart of Home

The Heart of Home: Part II

Is your home a place of connection and joy?  Or, does your home give you stress?  Listen to this recording to discover the subtle cultural influences that impact our experience of home. Then learn how we can create a greener path for a healthier heart and a healthier home by honoring the wisdom of the ages.

Dr. Alice shared on tips for healthy relating, happiness, as they related to reducing stuff and caring for your home.  Samantha Shields, a home specialist, shared how to relate to your home surroundings to create positive energy.


Celebrating change

Have you ever had a time when you anticipated the worst, only to discover a dramatic change for good?  I see it regularly with families.  People fighting one week often change to become peaceful, loving, and productive. How does this happen?  I believe they have learned to tap into what I call the fives C’s of Celebrating change:  Character, Commitment, Connection, Commincation, and Co-creative solutions.  Read more about these five C’s in the October Newsletter and listen in to our lively discussion on how they apply to our lives.  Just press the button to listen to the teleconference below.


Creating Environments of Harmony

Over the last fifty years, the amount of material items in the United States has more than doubled. At the same time the divorce rate has also doubled, crime has more than tripled, and we have soaring rates of depression. Research shows that once our basic needs are met, more stuff does not make us any happier. Actually in can make you feel increasingly overwhelmed, powerless, and depressed.

One way to move beyond the challenge of stuff is to simplify your life by getting rid and redistributing your stuff. Listen in to our teleconference on “Creating Environments of Harmony.” Samantha Shields, a creative energy optimizer, gave valuable insights on the challenges and tips to make your home more harmonious and livable. I shared my insights on the impact on our relationships and what is needed for healthy development. Then anthropologist, Dr. Jane Granskog, shared information on characteristics of societies that have found sustainable ways of living over the centuries.  Enjoy, it will broaden your perspective and give you many insights for moving beyond the challenge of stuff.



"No Sweat" Public Speaking - Interview with Fred E. Miller

PUBLIC SPEAKING is most people's greatest fear. Some fear it more than dying! So says Fred E. Miller, author of his just published book, No Sweat Public Speaking. Fred's top strength of authenticity shows up in his down to earth style.  Listen to hear how his practical know-how and sense of humor can help you build your confidence for speaking.  

Fred Miller is an author, speaker, and coach.  He is a past president of his chapter of Toastmasters and has found, over many years in business, that speaking opportunities are business opportunities. His ideas will help you to learn how to develop, practice, and deliver a "Knock Your Socks off Presentation" with "No Sweat! 
Listen to this interview and check out his book at  http://nosweatpublicspeaking.com.


"Catching Happiness" - Interview with Barbara Altman

Come and explore an approach to growth that rejects pathologizing termonology in favor of a language of hope, individual character strengths, and personal longings directed toward meaningful goals. In this conference call, I interviewed Barbara Altman, author of the book Cry Depression, Celebrate Recovery.

As a child, Barbara dreamed of earning a degree in music and becoming a concert pianist.  Instead, at age 16, she was called into the principal’s office.  The principal was concerned that Barbara might be "schizophrenic."  Come and learn how her strengths in music, love of learning, persistence, and a caring community helped her transform herself from a diagnosis of illness to health.  She now serves as a deeply valued contributor to the community.



Strength Based Co-Creativity - Interview with Craig Caesar

Creating change takes many different strategies and styles.  Different people have different strengths. If there is an area where you are weak, find others in that area that are strong.  For example, I am weak in technology.  I was most grateful when I found a colleague in my local area, Craig Caesar, to help me with my website.  I discovered that we shared common values and interest in the community.  Rather than a top down, “find the expert” approach, he uses strengths of creativity to develop a co-creative approach.  He helped me to better use my skills and resources while he provided invaluable consultation on the design and technology to best meet my needs.