How to Be Emotional Strong - Tap Into Your Strengths of Character

Today, with the many changes in the economy, the loss of jobs, and the challenges of the weather, it is easy to become anxious and depressed.  The next series of posts look at the importance of cultivating your resources for

"Catching Happiness"

Listen to our monthly conference call, "Catching Happiness,"  in which  I interviewed Barbara Altman, author of the book, Cry Depression, Celebrate Recovery.

In this call we explored an approach to growth that rejected pathologizing termonology in favor of a language of hope, individual character strengths, and personal longings directed toward meaningful goals.

Make a Difference: Your Actions Count

Many of us have good ideas.  We want to make a difference, but the action needed seems too big and the ideas get tucked away. Then we feel frustrated, angry, and depressed because the problems did not get solved.   Taking action to make a difference is important.  With the many challenges before us, -- unemployment, declining resources, and the need to rebuild our local communities, we cannot wait for an expert’s solution or a leader’s permission to act.  Others may not know the situation as yourself.  Sometimes you know just what you have to do, and may have no other authority than the good intentions

Strength Based Co-Creativity - Interview with Craig Caesar

Creating change takes many different strategies and styles.  Different people have different strengths. If there is an area where you are weak, find others in that area that are strong.  For example, I am weak in technology.  I was most grateful when I found a colleague in my local area, Craig Caesar, to help me with my website.  I discovered that we shared common values and interest in the community.  Rather than a top down, “find the expert” approach, he uses strengths of creativity to develop a co-creative approach.  He helped me to better use my skills and resources while he provided invaluable consultation on the design and technology to best meet my needs.  


Your Winning Mindset

•    Do you want to create a more positive and meaningful life?
•    Are you happy with what you have attracted into your life?
•    Have you discovered that it was not what you expected?
•    Would you like to transform it into an opportunity for expansion and growth
•    Tap in to your strengths to activate your winning mindset

We all like the experience of playing on a winning team.  If we want to create change, a major key to success is knowing how to play a winning game.  The first key is to know the difference between a win-win, and win-loss mindset.  A win-win game is very different from a win-lose mindset of “winner take all.” 

Empower Yourself: Align Your Intentions with Your Strengths

January is a month for setting new intentions and goals.  These intentions reflect our higher aspirations.  A major challenge in carrying them out is handling the obstacles, disappointments, and setbacks that inevitably occur.  Success is more than setting an intention and visualizing the positive.  It requires us to persist in following our goals, transforming our challenges into a positive direction.

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