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Alice G. Vlietstra, Ph.D.

January 2012

In This Issue:

1. Welcome
2. Listening to the Voice
3. Discovering the Deeper Truth
4. Catalyzing Transformation and Growth
5  Practical Transformations


1. Welcome

The beginning of the year is a time to honor our deeper aspirations for contribution and change. Often we make plans only to have them fall aside. One way to accomplish your goals is to align them with your strengths of character and let them be fueled by a deeper sense of purpose. Discovering this power is the focus of this e-newsletter.

It was ten years ago at this time of the year when I wrote my first e-newsletter. It focused on the hidden keys to health, well-being, and success that come from acknowledging the inner voice of the child. Our early childhood experiences form the blueprint for our lives. When the blueprints are not acknowledged, they can have a negative impact.

Over the last ten years I have learned many new techniques for acknowledging the hidden patterns of childhood. These techniques focus on identification and release. The approach I am giving you today, inspired by the feminine power movement, connects with our childhood voice so as to catalyze transformation and growth. Here are three steps to consider.

2. Listening to The Voice

Often the voice of the child is disregarded because its immaturity. The child does not have the biological maturity to handle the complex thought processes characteristic of adults. When a negative event happens, the child can't put the event into context. As a consequence children often blame themselves. For example, if a child hears his parents fighting about finances, the child may believe it is their fault.

Because of this negativity, these early patterns are often repressed. When the voice of the child is hidden, the patterns do not go away. They fester underneath the surface. Often, the voice of the child becomes the voice of a people who see themselves as victims. The hidden hurt can be covered with anger and rage. Not recognized, it creates troubles in our relationships, even war.

3. Discovering the Deeper Truth

Hearing the voice of the child is a very different path. First, it acknowledges that we have an adult self with a deeper and broader base of wisdom and resilience that is different from the child. When we recognize that we have an adult self, it separates our mature adult functioning from the experiences of the child still hidden within. From the presence of our adult, the voice of the child can be heard; emotions can be contained and the deeper truth discerned.

Then we can discover how hidden patterns unrecognized, have been impacting our lives. The false assumptions can be discerned and we can see how our old actions, based on false assumptions, are limited and ineffective. The deeper truth, much more positive, begins to be revealed. For an example, a person who assumes from a child framework that "I am alone," can see he/she has many capacities for connection. When we align our actions with the deeper truth, we can take new actions that reflect who we really are.

4. Catalyzing Transformation and Growth

The biggest step in catalyzing change is to take radical responsibility for the impact of these false patterns without blaming or judging ourselves.  These patterns came to us innocently because of our immaturity as a child.  Rather than judging ourselves, we need to forgive ourselves and make amends.  I think of the example of Jesus, he came as a child, and his last words were, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  The process of forgiveness and making amends empowers new growth. 

We can look at the improvements that we can make and commit ourselves to new path aligned with the deeper truth.  This is where character comes in.  When life is tough and big emotions come in, we can choose to shame and blame, see ourselves as a victim, or we can choose to reflect and change. 

Our character strengths are behind the scenes helping us to make the positive choice. Pain, instead of bringing us down, can mobilize us to connect compassionately, to clarify our life purpose, and to catalyze change.  Much more aligned with the truth; it becomes a source of power.

5. Practical Transformation

My practice is different from traditional psychology in that I take a developmental approach.  Rather than just helping people manage symptoms, I work with my clients to get to the deeper truth, release, and use it to transform.   It is one that mobilizes all aspects of ourselves, mind, body, and spirit.  It brings out our strengths and helps us to better care for ourselves and others.

 I find that transformation is at the heart of loving relationships. It turns many difficult situations around.  I you would like to learn more about this process, come join us for our teleconference on Tuesday, February 14. 9:00-10:00 AM, “Loving from the Deeper Truth.”  The call in number is on the side bar.

Warm regards,

Dr. Alice

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