Love and Success in Life

Successful Relating:
Fulfillment through Connection and Community
Alice Vlietstra, Ph.D.  Editor
Love and Success in Life

February, 2009

In this issue:
1. Welcome
2. Your Deeper Connection
3. Love and Success in Life
4. Announcements

1. Welcome

Welcome.  Happy Valentine's Day!  This weekend we celebrate Valentines
Day as well as President's Day.  Have you noticed that our celebrations have something in common? It is our deeper values.
Valentine's day is actually shrouded in mystery, as there are at least three different Saint Valentine's, and any one could have become the inspiration for St. Valentines Day. One thing we do know, is that Valentine's Day as well as the
Presidents day were inspired by  heroes who stood up for their deeper values. It is deeply gratifying to acknowledge these same values within others and
2.  Your Deeper Connection 

Today is a wonderful day to celebrate love.  It is great to indulge in yummy
chocolates and spend special time with your partner and friends. Even better are the opportunities to acknowledge the special strengths and values that give life.

First discover them within yourself.  You will know when you are connecting with
your special strengths because you will be doing activities you enjoy. When you
are in these activities you experience flow, feel enthusiastic, and excited. You also tend to create special projects around them. This is where you enjoy giving. When you are in your strengths you also are more able to follow  your vibes, honor your intuition, and take bigger risks.
This is your deeper connection with your essential self. When you invest your time and energy in these qualities, all of your relationships get better. Why? The more you discover the life sources within yourself, the more you will love yourself and the more you will see love in others.  

3.  Love and Success in Life

One of the best ways to share love is to express what you appreciate.
Expressions of appreciation are most effective when they are authentic, that is, from the heart, consistent, and specific.  For example, say to a friend or partner, "What I appreciate about you most is . . ." or, write it out on a very special note in your Valentine's card. The more specific the better.

Studies show that when parents express love, optimism, and a zest for life, their
children become happier.  When partners express appreciation to their mates,
it builds their relationships.  When managers walk around and acknowledge
their worker, productivity is enhanced. When customers are acknowledged for
their purchases, they are more likely to purchase again. 

All in all, our little acknowledgements can help grow a successful life in
many ways. Now isn't that attractive? Happy Valentine's Day,

4.  Announcements

 Has the economy given you challenges?  Come join me at on February 17th,
for a booster in creating a fresh start. I will be giving short demonstrations of
two principles for success.  Location: "A Gathering Place," 12131 Dorsett Road,
Ste. 101, Maryland Heights, MO, 63043 

There will be a teleseminar on February, 27th at 2:00 PM on "Creating a Fresh Start, Fired or Inspired." just click on the link below.

Don't Miss this one:  Dr. Stan Fine and myself will be giving a workshop on "Secrets to Success: How to Grow Your Dreams." In it Dr. Fine will be giving the World Premier of his new video "The Law of 12." If you have read this far, you are in for a very special treat. Click on the link below:

Have a Great Day!

Dr. Alice

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