Winning in 2009: Keys to a Winning Mindset

We all like the experience of playing on a winning team.  If we want to create change, a key component is knowing the keys for playing a winning game.  The first key is to know the difference between a win-win, and a win-lose mindset.  A win-win strategy is very different from a win-lose strategy of winner take all. Win-win games are based on positive emotions, such as love, happiness, and joy. A win-lose game is based on negative emotions, such as fear and anger. Negative emotions signal danger and constrict our attention to obstacles that need to removed. 

Wake Up Call: Kids in Crisis

Childhood is seen by many as a period of protection for the development of our youth. It is an important social investment in our future.  For example, we have laws against child abuse and child labor.  Because of this one might assume that corporate America also would have the best interests of our youth at heart.

Celebrating Family Joy

Let's face it. Family are the people with whom we have to get along. We all are born into a family. It can great source of comfort and joy or it can a source of great stress.  Join us for tips on creating a joyful family experience.  We will be having a complementary Teleseminar on Friday, December 19 from 3-4:00 PM CST.  Join us by signing up in the box in the upper left corner and we will send you the link for the teleseminar.  You can join by phone or online in the comfort of your surroundings.

Celebrating Family: Appreciating Elders

The upcoming holidays are a good time to honor our relatives, friends, and family.  It also is a good time to recognize the gifts of the different ages.

Over the last week I have been attending a workshop with Bert Hellinger, now in his 80's.  He spoke and showed us examples of the laws of love in families. It has been a  great inspiration to be in the presence of his wisdom and spirit.

Celebrating Family: Becoming Inclusive

This week I have been studying with Bert Hellinger, who is well known for his work with family constellations. He is the author of the recent book, Rising in Love, and is still going strong at 83 through his workshops and writing.  Bert Hellinger's work concerns laws of love that are important to all human connection and internation.  One of these laws is that in any given collective, all members have a right to belong.  That is, all need to be included.  When a member is left out, it places stress on the system and illness may result.

We are fortunate to be living at a time when humankind is becoming increasingly more inclusive.  The internet helps us to communicate globally and to embrace different cultures.  In the United States, race and gender is no longer an obstacle to entering into the Presidential election.  Consider the ways in which you may become more inclusive in your family and daily life.  When you do so, you will discover that your life is more deeply fulfilled.


Dr. Alice

Celebrating the Holidays: Discover Your Invaluable Gifts

Have you ever experienced the holidays as a hassle or struggled with a tight budget?  You do not need to feel pressured into buying pricy items when you can discover the hidden priceless ones. These gifts are timeless.  They have no price tag, they do not wear out, and they do not go out of style. They give you an opportunity to celebrate the deeper meaningful experiences in your lives.  The following are seven tips for discovering these invaluable gifts.  

Connect and Attract Opportunities

If you listen to the financial news, you may discover that the media can stir up fear. At the same time, it gives us an opportunity to question, to reflect, and tune into our strengths.  When you do so, you are likely to become INVALUABLE.  Join us for our teleseminar on Thursday, October 30th at 4:00 PM CDT. My good friend and college, Dale Furtwengler, will help you discover:   

"The Seven Steps to Becoming Invaluable" Thursday, Oct 30th at 4:00 PM, CDT

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