Celebrating Family: Becoming Inclusive

This week I have been studying with Bert Hellinger, who is well known for his work with family constellations. He is the author of the recent book, Rising in Love, and is still going strong at 83 through his workshops and writing.  Bert Hellinger's work concerns laws of love that are important to all human connection and internation.  One of these laws is that in any given collective, all members have a right to belong.  That is, all need to be included.  When a member is left out, it places stress on the system and illness may result.

We are fortunate to be living at a time when humankind is becoming increasingly more inclusive.  The internet helps us to communicate globally and to embrace different cultures.  In the United States, race and gender is no longer an obstacle to entering into the Presidential election.  Consider the ways in which you may become more inclusive in your family and daily life.  When you do so, you will discover that your life is more deeply fulfilled.


Dr. Alice

Holiday Gifts: From Pricy to Priceless

During this time of the year we are all thinking about gifts. So many times we associate gifts with material items.  We search the catalogs, malls, and stores to find the perfect gift, only to feel drained and tired. Shopping for gifts may not be as attractive as we thought.

Become Empowered: Cultivate Your Seventh Sense

Your Seventh Sense?  What is that?  No doubt, you have heard about your sixth sense.  The sixth sense refers to your intuition, your gut feeling,  and being in tune with your vibes.

The "Seventh Sense" is a phrase developed by Dr. Paul Dobransky. It refers to your personal understanding of the "Why" behind your intuition.  When you cultivate your "Seventh Sense," you know how your mind works and understand the reasons behind your vibes and gut feeling. Your seventh sense allows you to have what Dr. Paul calls, a "Cool eye," so that you do not react to your situation, but can reflect upon it and know your next step. 

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