Creating New Visions for Home and family

Here in St. Louis trees are budding and flowers are in bloom.  Many gardeners are already are tilling the soil, pulling up old roots and planting new seed.  Spring is a time when we can create new visions for our home and family life.  What do you want to plant in the garden of your life?    

Simplify to Care

We live in a materialistic consumer oriented culture.  Often the focus has been on money and stuff.  We believe that our things reflect our importance in the world.  The deeper truth is that who we are as persons has a much more powerful impact.  Let this spring be a time to acknowledge the gift that you are.  What are the gifts and strengths within yourself that you can now begin to express?  What purpose would you like to serve?  When you acknowledge the gifts that you have and that which gives you meaning, it is easier to let go of material items that no longer serve you.   For example on Earth Day, it was a pleasure for me to recycle because it served a deeper purpose.  I was glad to let go of the items that I no longer needed that others could use.

 Caring  Relationships

Research over the last years has shown that our relationships bring a greater sense of well being and joy than status or the accumulation of stuff. Releasing your extra stuff allows you to share your compassion and feel connected to community.  It gives a renewed sense of appreciation for others and yourself.    It helps you feel connected to a broader purpose.   Enjoy your community celebrations.   Take a moment to acknowledge your value as a person, connect with your strengths and share.  Happiness comes from connection. 

Appreciate Nature

Take time to get out and appreciate nature.  As we enjoy the sun, the air, the blooming flowers and the trees, it helps us to slow down and become more grounded.  As we appreciate nature, we are reminded that we are a part of a much larger whole.   Nature can give us a sense of awe.  It helps us to reduce stress and put things in perspective. 


The Eco Mind

Here in St. Louis, flowers are blooming and trees are budding.  We are celebrating the new growth of spring.   Just as we enjoy seeing the new life of spring, we also can celebrate new growth by expanding our ways of seeing the world.  I would like to share with you a new growth of that is emerging in a number of disciplines.  It is called the Eco Mind.

The Eco mind is a world view that looks at the world in relationship to everything else. It creates a more life-serving mental map than one that only focuses on completion for scarce physical resources. Breakthroughs are occurring in a range of disciplines are confirming the positive social aspects of ourselves.  We are complex human creatures with many sources of strength that enable us to cooperate and work together in the best interest of all rather than just to compete.

We all have core assumptions in how we view the world.  These assumptions, often hidden, determine what we see and what we do not. They are often based on outdated limited views of ourselves developed at an earlier time.  Upon reflection, we can change them.  This spring, consider expanding your view by developing your Eco Mind.      

Creating Home Harmony

Teleconference - "Creating Enviroments of Harmony"
Tuesday, June 14, 9:00-9:30 AM
Dial 760-569-9000, Access Code 308311#

Join us on Tuesday, June 14 for a  teleconference on creating home harmony.”  I will be interviewing Samantha Shields who helps individuals and families reduce clutter and design their homes to make them more harmonious and livable.  It is a real help to have someone who has experience and training in creating home environments to give you new ideas.  Be sure to bring your questions.  

We will also be hearing cultural views from anthropologist, Dr. Jane Granskog. Do sustainable societies and cultures require a lot of stuff?  What is really necessary for healthier environments and living? What is the difference between order that is externally imposed vs voluntarily chosen?  Come join us to gain insights and support for harmonious living.


OvercomeYour Fears: "No Sweat Public Speaking."

One of the biggest challenges you may face in your life is public speaking. You need to share your ideas with others for an idea to take hold. This may occur with a few friends or colleagues, in a business setting, or at a public speaking event. Survey after survey shows that more people fear public speaking than any other fear. Statistically it affects 75% of all the people. Many ideas lay dormant because of this fear. It holds back many careers.

On April 19th, I will be interviewing one of my colleagues, Fred E. Miller, on how you can make public speaking, "No Sweat." Fred E. Miller is a speaker, author and coach. He has just published his book, No Sweat Public Speaking. Come join us on April 19th to hear how he uses his strengths of solid know- how, practical ingenuity, and humor to put you at ease.  The Dial in number is 760-569-9000, Access code 308311#.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice

Grass Roots Empowerment

One big change that has occurred with the downturn in the economy has been an increased communication and connection in the grass roots community.  For example, two years ago, none of my neighbors had a garden.  Now they all do.  Previously, I would search the phone book for a repair man, now the repairman is easily accessed right in the neighborhood.  Rather than connecting with impersonal corporate businesses, I much prefer connecting with local businesses.

Create Harmony by Focusing on Strengths

We often have an unconscious tendency to make judgments about ourselves and others. Sarah-Singer-Noire, in her High Impact Trainings, says "We are judgment making machines."  Within ourselves, it seems that we have an invisible scale from 1-10 whereby we make judgments  and unconsciously “put a number on the head of ourselves and others.”  Some people get a “1,” while others may get a “10,” or a “4.”  The only problem is that when we put a number on someone's head, they know it and so do we.   It tends to separate and divide us.  The standard by which we make these unconscious judgments often is some idealized image in our minds from childhood or the TV.  For example, we may make judgments on the basis of beauty.  Because we are not aware it, this process often is not discussed.

Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your Kids

Often our lives are anything but joy! It is more like a tizzy, managing ten things at a time. Kids need to be brought to school, reports need to be completed for work, and then the children are asking for the latest videos and toys. Meanwhile, the house is full of clutter and you can't find your keys.

With all these demands, little is thought about the hassle for you.  When the kids make demands for new videos and toys, little thought is given to the cost, whether they are really beneficial, or the time needed to purchase and store them.  As with many adults, we have been riding on the waves of thinking that this frantic materialistic lifestyle is going to make us happy!

Special and Connected

My neighbors had a family member who recently passed.  He was loved and cherished by all who knew him.  Having suffered from Down's syndrome, he continually maintained a child like quality about him of innocence and exploration. It was such a joy to see the community turn out to celebrate his life. His authenticity, his sense of humor, and his sense of innocence was valued by all.

Creating a Fresh Start in Your Relationships

Each year gives us an opportunity to create new visions and new plans, particularly in our relationships.  Sometimes, our current relationships may bring new stages of growth. Other times, we may recognize that a relationship has served its unique purpose and may need to close. Here are three tips that you might want to consider in facilitating your relationship growth.

Celebrating Family: Appreciating Elders

The upcoming holidays are a good time to honor our relatives, friends, and family.  It also is a good time to recognize the gifts of the different ages.

Over the last week I have been attending a workshop with Bert Hellinger, now in his 80's.  He spoke and showed us examples of the laws of love in families. It has been a  great inspiration to be in the presence of his wisdom and spirit.

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