The Finest of America

The economic crisis has brought out a dark side of America. Still, by facing the darkness, this darkness can give way to new light. As financial markets have collapsed, so also has the philosophy that money is the key to happiness.  As the politics of divisiveness have crumbled, so also has the attitude of “me-first,” and trash-the-planet to make money.  Spaces have opened for new approaches.  This allows us to re-evaluate what really is important, to listen, and to create inclusive conversations.

Raising Responsible Youth Begins at Hoome

A few years ago Hillary Clinton wrote the book, "It Takes a Village."to raise well developing children. Indeed, individuals at all ages live better in the context of a supportive family and community.

One reason I appreciate working on the character strengths that are common to also races,  One reason I appreciate to work on the character strengths that are common to all cultures is that they bring out he higher ideals that help us to connect.  First, they bring out the unique ways in which people like to give.  Second, character strengths bring out the best of ourselves and others. Third, a focus on the positive broadens and builds our perspective, giving rise to stronger and more enduring relationships. All three are critical needed for the healthy growth and development attractive sources of support for us all.

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