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Alice G. Vlietstra, Ph.D.

March-April 2011

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1.  Welcome
2.  Your Ideas Count
3.  Facing the Challenges
4.  No Sweat Public Speaking
5.  Upcoming Events

1. Welcome

     We see it in the news every day. More and more people are taking action to make a difference. Sharing your ideas and taking action is important. It gives hope. For example, in the midst of Japan's three-prong horror of the Sendai quake, the tsunami, and the nuclear crisis, is an emergence of possibilities of rebirth and recreation.

     Japanese leaders, as Dr. Saionji, are working in the midst of the devastation to create a vision for a new and caring society - the creation of communities, villages, and cities of sustainable healthy living. This not only serves Japanese citizens, but leads the way towards new possibilities for our collective future. These kinds of ideas can transform the world. How ideas as these can come to life is the focus of this e-newsletter.

2.  Your Ideas Count

     When we face disasters as in Japan we become more willing to give help and are more open to new ideas. The challenges before us help us to transcend individual interests to redefine ourselves as part of a broader global community. New ideas are needed in many areas in our local communities, which then can have a global impact. 

     When your ideas are aligned with your deeper character strengths, they have a greater impact because they serve the common good. You access a higher source of life which enhances the well being of all. A shared focus of using character strengths brings greater personal satisfaction to everyone involved. This helps to mobilize the strength and endurance needed to bring new ideas into fruition.

3.  Facing The Challenges

     Bringing a new idea to life, however, has challenges. A new idea needs to be made visible and to be discussed. The first step to bring a new idea to life is to build a solid case that shows why it is beneficial. People need simple, direct, to -the-point messages that give the reason, the benefits, and the advantages. People also will need to know who the idea is for and how it directly benefits them. Success stories on the benefits also are a great help.

     Finally, challenges and objections also need to be overcome. One way to face these challenges is to tap into your character strengths. These are the areas of your life where you and others are the most enthusiastic, resilient, and engaged. This helps you transform your challenges into the positive.

4.  "No Sweat" Public Speaking

     One of the biggest challenges for bringing your idea to life is public speaking. You need to share your ideas with others for an idea to take hold. This may occur with a few friends or colleagues, in a business setting, or at a public speaking event. Survey after survey shows that more people fear public speaking than any other fear. Statistically it affects 75% of all the people. Many ideas lay dormant because of this fear. It holds back many careers.

     On April 19th, I will be interviewing one of my colleagues, Fred E. Miller, on "No Sweat" Public Speaking. Fred E. Miller is a speaker, author and coach. He has just published his book, No Sweat Public Speaking. Come join us on April 19th to hear how he uses his strengths of solid know- how, practical ingenuity, and humor to put you at ease. .

5.  Upcoming Events

No Sweat Public Speaking! with Fred E. Miller
April 19, 9:00-9:30 AM CDT
Dial 760-569-9000 Access Code 308311#
Fred's top character strength is integrity and authenticity.
Join us to hear how his straight talk combined with humor
and practical know-how can reduce fear and put you at ease.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice

For more information on the work of Dr. Saionji and the Goi Peace Foundation, check out the website at

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