OvercomeYour Fears: "No Sweat Public Speaking."

One of the biggest challenges you may face in your life is public speaking. You need to share your ideas with others for an idea to take hold. This may occur with a few friends or colleagues, in a business setting, or at a public speaking event. Survey after survey shows that more people fear public speaking than any other fear. Statistically it affects 75% of all the people. Many ideas lay dormant because of this fear. It holds back many careers.

On April 19th, I will be interviewing one of my colleagues, Fred E. Miller, on how you can make public speaking, "No Sweat." Fred E. Miller is a speaker, author and coach. He has just published his book, No Sweat Public Speaking. Come join us on April 19th to hear how he uses his strengths of solid know- how, practical ingenuity, and humor to put you at ease.  The Dial in number is 760-569-9000, Access code 308311#.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice

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