Reduce Your Fear of Public Speaking - Fred Miller Says it Like It Is

Each month I do an interview on how people use their strengths to overcome significant challenges.  This month, we investigated how character strengths can help you to overcome one of most people's greatest fears, Public speaking.  Some people fear public speaking more than dying! So says Fred E. Miller, author of his just published book, "No Sweat Public Speaking."  

When I interview speakers, I look for their strengths.  My guess was that Fred’s top strength was his ability to put people at ease and his sense of humor.  He took the strengths test and found his top strength actually was integrity and authenticity.  This strength shows up in his straight-talk, down to earth style. 

Indeed, I have watched a couple of the speakers he has coached.  They were enthusiastic, clear, entertaining, and definitely looked calm, -- as if they had no sweat.  When I asked Fred about his secret formula for reducing speaking fear, he said “My clients have their sweat glands surgically removed.”  Needless to say, he was teasing.  For good practical tips, just listen to the replay in the in the conference calls.


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