About Alice Vlietstra, Ph.D.

Founder of Lifetree Solutions, Dr. Alice Vlietstra has a vibrant, deep and widely explored background.  She received her Ph.D. in human development and psychology from the University of Kansas. Previously on the faculty of the University of Missouri - St. Louis, she has published a number of research articles in human development.

Because she wanted to contribute more directly to the community, she obtained training and certification for therapeutic and coaching work with individuals and families. Her health-care experience includes over twenty years of work with individuals and families in diverse settings in private practice.

As she became aware of the increasing number of families working together in business, she began to work with the Family Firm Institute where she became a certificate holder as a Family Business Consultant. Coming from a background in human development, Dr. Alice is aware of the fragmenting, impact of old "family baggage." This led to an exhaustive quest for a more effective approach to promote development. The result has been an integrative approach with new tools from Positive Psychology and relationship coaching as well as energy based techniques, all integrated within a broad Map of Consciousness developed by David Hawkins.

The genesis of Lifetree Solutions began with her family of origin. Her original family name meant "evergreen tree," an ancient symbol of hope during darkness and enduring life during all seasons. The family lived up to its name, extending a long Scandinavian agricultural heritage into a third generation of active forestry and agricultural business in this country. The Scandinavians have a word for endurance,"sisu."  Endurance can be a dark marathon, or it can be a journey to greater light. The family consciously chose a meaningful endurance that focused on continuing learning and growth. Today, the business has expanded far beyond forestry and agriculture to the support of satellite businesses of similar values in human development and education.

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