"No Sweat" Public Speaking - Interview with Fred E. Miller

PUBLIC SPEAKING is most people's greatest fear. Some fear it more than dying! So says Fred E. Miller, author of his just published book, No Sweat Public Speaking. Fred's top strength of authenticity shows up in his down to earth style.  Listen to hear how his practical know-how and sense of humor can help you build your confidence for speaking.  

Fred Miller is an author, speaker, and coach.  He is a past president of his chapter of Toastmasters and has found, over many years in business, that speaking opportunities are business opportunities. His ideas will help you to learn how to develop, practice, and deliver a "Knock Your Socks off Presentation" with "No Sweat! 
Listen to this interview and check out his book at  http://nosweatpublicspeaking.com.


No Sweat Public Speaking

Upcoming Teleconference:  "No Sweat" Public Speaking with Fred Miller
                          April 19, 9:00-9:30 AM CDT
             Dial 760-569-9000 Access Code 308311#

"PUBLIC SPEAKING" is most people's greatest fear.  Some fear it more
than dying!  So says Fred E. Miller, author of his just published book, "No Sweat Public Speaking."  Fred E. Miller is a speaker, author, and coach. He has a very down to earth style. Come join us Tuesday morning, April 19th, to hear him use his strengths of integrity, practical know how, and humor to reduce fear and put you at ease.


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