Reflections: The Power of Female Friendship

Dr. Dobransky’s has written an interesting book, The Power of Female Friendship, that is interesting from an evolutionary perspective. It takes courage for a man to step forth and write a book on the power of female friendship. It creates a path for a higher level of partnership and cooperation. Moreover, he gives the principles so that that help each of us contribute to the overall good — one moment at a time, right where we are, in our own back yard. It happens with the significant people in our life. Here is is how I see it.

Awareness Gives Choice: Celebrating Gender

Recent work on the power of female friendship has recognized the differences in how men and women view the world. While we each have a male and female aspect within ourselves, there remain biological differences that are hard wired. The masculine view is often recognized as more single focused, logical, and task-oriented, while the feminine view is more diffuse, feeling, creative, and relationship oriented.

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