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"PUBLIC SPEAKING" is most people's greatest fear.  Some fear it more
than dying!  So says Fred E. Miller, author of his just published book, "No Sweat Public Speaking."  Fred E. Miller is a speaker, author, and coach. He has a very down to earth style. Come join us Tuesday morning, April 19th, to hear him use his strengths of integrity, practical know how, and humor to reduce fear and put you at ease.


From Fear to Connection and Community

Successful Relating
Fulfillment through Connection and Community
Alice G. Vlietstra, Ph.D., Editor
February, 2008
Moving from Fear to Connection and Community

In This Issue:
1.  Welcome
2.  Beyond Tragedy
3.  Community Consciousness
4.  A Choice
5.  Announcements

1.  Welcome

Welcome.  We are in a time when we are experiencing many challenges. Global warming, economic stress, and increased crime are only a few. Here in the Midwest, we are recovering from the tragedy of the shootings in St. Louis,
Missouri and at Northern Illinois University.

Events such as these can create a deep sense of helplessness, fear, and frustration.  They also may lead to an increased awareness of the deeper
problems and dramatic change.  This e-newsletter explores the possibility that how we experience this reality is a choice.

2.  Beyond Tragedy

Is it possible that out of tragedy, a deep stirring of consciousness can arise?  These shootings have been a grave concern.  Will the solution be one of shame and blame?  Or is it possible to achieve an understanding of the
underlying causes so as to rise above them?  Can we honor those who have died by treating these events as a stimulus to create a healthier, saner, society?

In his book Lost Boys (1999), James Garbarino shares how human development experts predicted this kind of violence more than 25 years ago. 
They believed the violence was a result of the fragmentation in our society that deprives individuals of a sense of connection, community, of being heard, and accountability. 

3. Community Consciousness

The incidents themselves give rise to a greater community consciousness.  When we see the impact of the damage, a new awareness emerges.  There is
a need for identifying these kinds of problems early. No longer can the self-interest of any one person or group be pursued at the expense
of the larger whole. This is true whether the battle occurs in a personal relationship, a family, or in society as a whole.

Often, there is the belief that the change needs to come from strong leadership or a power outside ourselves. But, once again, this may only perpetuate the battle. Beyond the strong need for immediate protection, a more long-term
solution for change may result from an increased awareness within ourselves of taking small constructive actions to promote connection and community, one moment at a time, right where we are. 

4. The Choice

We can choose to look at what we have and the strengths that exist within ourselves and within our communities.  This type of examination gives us an opportunity to rethink the release old patterns and begin to grow anew.  Later, we
will be able to look back at the situation and determine what has been accomplished and gained.  Withstanding and recovering from such tragic
events may be a matter of perspective. What do you think?

5.  Announcements

Saturday: March 22: 1:00-5:00 Workshop,      
 "Mind, Money, and Spirit:  Releasing Financial Stress"
We will look at the core patterns that impact your relationship with money.   

It will be held at “A Gathering Place” at 12131 Dorsett Road, Ste. 101, Maryland Heights, MO. 63043.  It will be held on Saturday, March 22, from 1:00-5:00 PM.   Call me at 314-729-2855 or e-mail me for a flyer.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice

Garbarino, J.  Lost Boys:  Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them. 1999. New YorK: Anchor Books




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