Celebrating Family Meals

Family meals bring us together, nourish us, and uplift our spirit.  All too often, however, family meals can create a lot of stress. With whom can you get together?  Are you stressed out from buying all the stuff and the work?  Are you worried about family arguing and people getting along?   Listen to the teleconference by three wise women as we help you to: Be grateful, co-create, and celebrate.

Samantha Shields, a home energy specialist gives her insights on simplifying, and managing the challenges of time and stuff.  Dr. Alice gives you tips for gaining cooperation and building positive family energy. Dr. Jane, a cultural anthropologist, will help us reflect on family meals and the larger community.


Create Harmony - Move Beyond the Battle with Stuff

Battling stuff can be a real challenge for many families. If you want to move beyond the battle, you might want to consider tapping into your strengths, and put the challenge of battling with stuff in a broader context.  Today, many see simplifying our lives as a an opportunity to change to a much healthier style of living.  It becomes a way create a new vision and take action to make a difference. Here are a few tips to that might help you broader

Create Harmony by Reducing Environmental Disorder

Have you ever noticed that when your home, office and surroundings are clean, orderly and attractive, that the people around you seem to get along?  Less stuff means that you have less to manage, less stress with bills, and more opportunities to develop your relationships. 

Recently, Discover Magazine reported a series of fascinating studies that investigated the impact of disordered environments on people’s friendliness

Stressed Out: Release, Renew and Relate

One big change that has occurred with the downturn in the economy has been an increased communication and connection in the grass roots community.  For example, two years ago, none of my neighbors had a garden.  Now they all do.  Previously, I would search the phone book for a repair man, now the repairman is easily accessed right in the neighborhood.  Rather than connecting with impersonal corporate businesses, I much prefer connecting with local businesses.

Reduce Stress: Try a One-Minute Happiness Shift

Have you ever noticed that you tend to make dumb decisions when you are stressed out?  That is, you might talk excessively or lash out angrily. By contrast, when you are calm and peaceful, it is much easier to find creative,insightful solutions. One way to move from stress to calm creativity is to shift to a happier state. 

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