Back to The Future

Back to the Future

In early May, my family and I took a badly needed break and visited the Spring Planting Festival  in Central Missouri.  We visited a Heirloom Seed Farm out in the country at Bakersville, MO.  The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company was cofounded by a young couple, Jere and Emilee Gettle, fifteen years ago.   Very local, it is also well connected internationally to Heirloom seed growers and collectors around the world. It has a unique combination of the new with the old, local and global.

Why search for Heirloom seeds? Heirloom seeds are cultivated for their purity and quality.  This is often   lost in the consumer trends of commercial agriculture.  Heirloom seeds are part of a movement for a healthier, simpler, back-to- earth lifestyle.    It is a desire of many to honor that which has sustained us over the generations, as well as present day innovation.  Many families are choosing to create a life style that is simpler, better connected, and grounded in healthy nutrition by growing their own gardens and plants.

Creating a Space for New Growth    

Over the last year Three Wise Women, Sam, Jane, and I, have been giving you tips and teleconferences to help create the space for new growth.  Sam (short for Samantha) gives tips on reducing clutter and discovering what you like to create a supportive, comfortable physical space.  I focus on appreciating our relationship strengths to create a harmonious family space.  This facilitates more effective teamwork.  What kind of strengths?--character strengths, gender strengths, and the strengths of the generations.  Jane, the anthropologist, helps us to value community and nature.  She brings in the wisdom of the ages as well as an appreciation of diversity as we become more local and global.

 A Three Prong Focus:

Simplify –   What do you really need and want?  You can increase your energy by reducing clutter.  Your physical surroundings have a strong impact on your relationships and effectiveness in getting things done. 

Unify- We need to honor our uniqueness as well the strengths that connect us all.  This expands our vision, builds teamwork, and helps us use our resources more effectively.

Amplify – As we focus on the positive, connect with nature and place, as well as with technology, we increase our ability to make a difference, one step at a time.  

Watch for our ongoing tips and upcoming teleconferences.

Dr. Alice


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