Saint Louis Confluence

Lifetree Solutions developed from a St. Louis confluence of several converging streams of thought. While the "Show-Me" state is often seen as conservative, it is also very much on the forefront of an emerging consciousness of greater prosperity and world peace. At the confluence of different ecological terrains, three major rivers, this area still carries influence of the ancient spiritual and cultural vortex of the Cahokia mounds. There's an integrative energy in the St. Louis area that cannot be missed.

Lifetree Solutions derives its spiritual inspiration from the major Christian traditions in addition to the influences of new spiritual thought and the intellectual questioning that is so vital in this part of the world. It is based on a broad perspective of evolutionary change and the shift in consciousness needed for planetary survival from the work of Institute of Noetic Sciences,the Gateway for Conscious Evolution, as well as the work on Femine Power.  Added to this is the recent work in Positive Psychology and on the evolutionary shift in relationships, all integrated within a broad "Map of Consciousness" developed by David Hawkins. The scientific combines with the spiritual by using an "Attractor Field Technique", for releasing negative energy. The continuing emergence of this new integrated consciousness is an exciting aspect of our work.

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