Family Services

Family Business Services: Lifetree Solutions extends its approach to family businesses to facilitate communications among family members and to help family members to forge a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation. Tradition, shared values, and commitment give family businesses a unique edge in facing difficult challenges. The many complexities of families also create complications. Working with a family transformation coach helps family members to:

  • Identify core family strengths and values the help build legacy.
  • Improve family communication skills and attitudes to minimize conflict
  • Enhance positive communication within the family businesses
  • Facilitate agreement on values and direction
  • Resolve relationship issues that stall or distort business decision making
  • Plan effectively for transition and change

Lifetree Solutions combines business strategy with family coaching with a practical, results-oriented orientation to assist families in safely and effectively resolving complex business issues. We do this by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment
  • Designing and facilitating family meetings
  •  Identifying family strengths and values
  • Providing targeted coaching to facilitate the transformation you want 
  • Coaching various family members individually and conjointly as needed
  • Helping families work out the guidelines for their "Code of Honor" 
  • Assisting in succession planning.
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