Empower Yourself: Align Your Intentions with Your Strengths

January is a month for setting new intentions and goals.  These intentions reflect our higher aspirations.  A major challenge in carrying them out is handling the obstacles, disappointments, and setbacks that inevitably occur.  Success is more than setting an intention and visualizing the positive.  It requires us to persist in following our goals, transforming our challenges into a positive direction.


Mission Our mission is to create a lasting legacy of happier, more satisfying lives by teaching concepts and skills that promote health, well being, and long-lasting relationships.

Vision Our vision is to give people the tools they need to be happy and whole by raising and expanding their consciousnesses.

Values Our lives are a manifestation of our thinking. "Authentic Happiness" is a by-product of a reflective pursuit of pleasure, engagement, and a meaningful life. We reject the negative thinking so pervasive in our society that assumes scarcity and deficiency, actively replacing those assumptions with a self-fulfilling expectation of prosperity.

Family Orientation Our true families are the people to whom we feel most closely connected. We may experience this affinity by bloodline and/or emotional bonds. Families teach acceptance, provide a perspective across generations, and give an opportunity to create solutions for the greater good.

Relational Importance We honor relationships and social connectedness as primary contributors to health and well-being.

Co-creative Partnerships True partnerships give us opportunities to move past power struggles, and to work together to create solutions that operate well for all.

A Holistic Philosophy We reject the Cartesian philosophy that artificially separates mind, body, and spirit as patently false, and ultimately, harmful. We are of a whole. We can actively evolve to higher consciousness by releasing unconscious thought patterns and beliefs that lead to separation, while promoting positive wholeness.

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