Nourish Change and Create a Spectacular Life

Would you like to nourish the seeds of change to create a spectacular life? Once you have a dream you will need to nourish it for it to grow.  Start looking for the seeds of your dream in what you already have. These are the seeds of change. Then look for a simple and powerful form of nourishment to help them grow.  For me, the most powerful form of nourishment are validations. Validations are an expression of gratitude in the form of appreciation. When you are grateful and express your appreciation, you are validating the life force that is needed for growth.

Finding Direction in Changing Times: Getting Aligned

One way to find your direction in challenging ties is to get aligned with a powerful declaration. A Declaration  is a formal statement that focuses our energy.  It is a way to align our higher intentions, vision, mission, goals, and plans.  The most famous of all declarations is the Declaration of Independence.

Fulfilling The Sacred Contract of America: What Each of Us Can Do

This week we are inspired to honor America's highest ideals, first with the celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday, and then with the historic inauguration of President Obama.  Carolyn Myss, believes this is "The Sacred Contract of America."

Transform Challenges Into Opportunities: Connect with Your Strengths

Today we are experiencing uncertain times. The structures we thought would support us are no longer working. Has this presented a challenge for you?  Do you feel lost and confused? Do you see many opportunities before you, and feel overwhelmed with the many options?  Do you wish to take action, and find yourself hesitant with the uncertainty?

America's sacred Contract: Crisis or Opportunity

A most wonderful and passionate story teller, Caroline Myss has prepared a CD "The Sacred Contract of America." It will invite you to actively participate in resurrecting America to its highest potential.  America, according to Caroline Myss, currently "is on a respirator." She recognizes that many Americans feel disappointed on what their country has become.

Change - Tiny Actions, Consistently Taken, Bring Big Results

This year I have decided to look for the best.  It all started over the holiday break, as I was reflecting on the last words of my father to our family before he passed. He was the son of an immigrant. It was his dream for our family to honor the "Finest of America."

Declarations: A Powerful Secret for change

Now that we are in the New Year, many are taking time to reflect and resolve to change for the better. Before making resolutions and setting new goals, I suggest that you relate it to a higher purpose.

There are many ways in which we can direct our efforts for the future.  We can do it by honoring our higher intentions, creating a vision, mission or purpose, and following it with a plan with specific goals.  A powerful secret for change is to make sure all of the aspects of change are aligned. You can do this with a declaration.

The Finest of America

The economic crisis has brought out a dark side of America. Still, by facing the darkness, this darkness can give way to new light. As financial markets have collapsed, so also has the philosophy that money is the key to happiness.  As the politics of divisiveness have crumbled, so also has the attitude of “me-first,” and trash-the-planet to make money.  Spaces have opened for new approaches.  This allows us to re-evaluate what really is important, to listen, and to create inclusive conversations.

Celebrating with Joy

We are celebrating the holidays and wishing "Joy to the World."  What is this Joy all about?  Joy is deeper than happiness.  Happiness often refers to a feeling of well-being, good cheer, merriment, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Northland Attractions: Yoopers Affirm the New Discovery

I am heading up North for a family gathering in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, so I checked the weather forecast and discovered the latest news. Our ancestors may have been more technologically advanced than we thought.

New York Scientists, after having dug to a depth of 10 solid feet, have found traces of cooper wire dating back 100 years.  They came to the conclusion that New York already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.

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