Creating Change

Change is life.  Nothing remains static, not for a moment. Many changes that we experience are beyond our control, such as changes in the weather or national tragedies.  Other changes are within our control.  These are changes as losing weight, exercising, managing stress, or improving our relationships.  As we spokein the last post, big changes are taking place in our lifestyles around money. The economic challenge presents a crisis.  We can face it with fear or use it as an opportunity for change, by stepping off the hedonic treadmill to build a more consciously caring community.

Kids: Commodity or Community

As financial markets have collapsed, so also has the philosophy that gives money precedence over all else. Our attraction to money and materialism as a primary path to happiness is rapidly habituating. Increasingly, we are becoming aware of the limitations of a money driven economy. It has been particularly devastating in creating a culture for the healthy development of children.

Special and Connected

My neighbors had a family member who recently passed.  He was loved and cherished by all who knew him.  Having suffered from Down's syndrome, he continually maintained a child like quality about him of innocence and exploration. It was such a joy to see the community turn out to celebrate his life. His authenticity, his sense of humor, and his sense of innocence was valued by all.

Happiness: Exploring, Being, and Doing

Happiness and joy can take more than one form.  Positive Psychologist, Martin Seligman, in his book, Authentic Happiness (2002) described three routes to happiness: Pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Pleasure, the path to happiness most frequently seen in the media, is no longer the primary focus of our attention. Today, we also seek to be productive and contribute to a purpose greater than ourselves. These three paths reflect three ways of relating to the world, exploring, doing, and being. They are a fundamental part of how we process information and develop sequentially with time as we mature.

Breakthroughs to Success

Have you ever had a downturn when you had little positive feedback and you had to revise your direction? Then fast forward,-- Surprise, surprise, A breakthrough!  You discovered a new floor and a new level of success.

Creating A Fresh Start: Getting Inspired

This is an exciting time to be alive.  As doors close with the challenges of our economy, new ideas and structures are taking root and quickly flourishing in the spaces left vacant. The planet is changing at warp speed. A New American Dream is beginning to unfold, -- one that is based on connection, joy, and gratitude. In a time of chaos, being clear about what is important to you and knowing who you are is critical for successful change. At the core of change is your ability to honor your inner voice and use it as a guide for life. It will boost your confidence and give you the direction that you need.

Manifesting with The Magic of Intuition

Would you like to face your challenges with grace and ease, honor your deeper knowings, and have more money, peace, and joy? Do you know one of the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factors in consciously creating what you want? It is your intuition. The challenge is to learn how to recognize it, trust it, and use it.

Presidential Strengths

Have you ever noticed that many of our holidays are around the celebration of our deeper values and strengths? When we honor President's day,  we honor the George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for their strengths of leadership. Memorial day honors those who have died in service to our country.  All are examples where people have followed their higher values.

Creating a Fresh Start: "Fired" or Inspired

As the economy tanks, the worst two words one wants to hear is "Your Fired."  While getting fired or losing a job is very difficult,  it also is an opportunity to create a fresh start.  Instead of struggling with "Your Fired," become inspired.  As our financial institutions have collapsed, so has the story that money is the measure of happiness, health, and wealth. Here are three tips for making a change.

Creating a Fresh Start in Your Relationships

Each year gives us an opportunity to create new visions and new plans, particularly in our relationships.  Sometimes, our current relationships may bring new stages of growth. Other times, we may recognize that a relationship has served its unique purpose and may need to close. Here are three tips that you might want to consider in facilitating your relationship growth.

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