Create a New Story, Become Empowered

Our lives are intrinsically entwined around the stories that guide our lives.  We have personal and family stories that are deeply meaningful to us, cultural stories, such as our American story, as well as our common human story.  For all of our cultural differences, our language differences, and richly varied customs and traditions, psychologically healthy humans around the world share universal core values and aspirations.  We all want healthy happy children, loving families, caring communities, and a healthy natural environment. We want to hear the stories about how people make this happen.

Cherish Your Family Stories, Discover Your Strengths

Every great country, business, family, and individual became that way because they were able to rise to the occasion when facing challenges and stress. Adversity brings out the best of us, but only we can focus on higher purpose, maintain our sanity, and see the challenge through.  This is the fodder for many great stories.

Become Empowered - Use Your strengths to Face Adversity

Today, with the strains on our economy, our ecological systems, our businesses, and families, we are facing challenges that cannot be solved in old ways.  This is marked by an need for a focus on real learning.  We need people who are awake, aware, engaged, and ready to take a hard look at what works and what does not.  We also need people who can rise to the occasion, use their strengths, stay calm, and not blow up or fall apart, as we begin to forge a new path. Is it possible to stay sane and use stress to create success?

From Stress to Success: Discover the Hidden Keys to Greatness

It has been said, "Greatness is born out of adversity."  Unfortunately, this is not always true.  When under pressure, emotions climb.  Adversity can bring out your courage, brilliance, and persistence.  OR, it can make you an ugly beast, get angry, or run for cover. What does it take for stress to bring out your

Education - a Real Education is More Than Schooling

Education -- what does it mean to you? -- assignments, textbooks, grades? Today, many  are questioning this approach.   John Gatto, in his book, Weapons of Mass Instruction,  believes that our real education is more than schooling.  Our real education, he believes, is not in the classroom but out in the world.  This education comes from building character and community. It carries more long term benefits than learning from tired books and lesson plans.

Achieve Success Naturally - Know Two Phases of Information Processing

We all have dreams of success.  It may be a desire to develop a successful business, have a successful relationship, or to better manage stress.  Many self-improvement programs paint a picture of success that consists of a course or workshop along large information package. Once the package is purchased and a course is given, however, the program stops.   For example, I have purchased self -mprovement books, CD's and programs, and only to end up confused by the large amount of information given.  As a consequence, it ends up as “Shelf Help” more than real help.

Your Winning Mindset - Getting Ready for Fall

Children and students are going back to school. Friends and family are returning from vacation. All are getting ready to work together again.  What kind of success would you like to achieve this fall? Will it be a success that is deeply gratifying that promotes prosperity, health and well-being?  Sign in the box on the right for a a complementary teleseminar on the critical factors for long-lasting success.  Learn how to create a winning mindset through strength-based collaborative teamwork.

Stressed Out? Take Charge of Your Life

What do you do when someone pushes your buttons?  Are you tempted to lash out?  Or, do you maintain your cool, recognizing that they may have a very different view of the world?  Indeed, they may be trying to help you.

Freeing Yourself From the Prisons of the Past: Mindsight

Can you free yourself from the prisons of the past?  The answer is Yes.  The more you understand yourself and make sense of your life, the more you are able to have compassion and develop healthy relationships.

Daily Actions, Quality Change

As the old economy crumbles, many are questioning "What really brings happiness and success?"  It affects our actions in any ways.  Would you like to move from fear to connection, optimism, and hope?  Then join us for a complementary teleseminar. You will gain a much more positive view.

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