Achieve Success by Composting Your Stress

Do you see change as a source of stress?   Often we have aspects we want to leave behind, like garbage, that we see as stress. Thich Nhat Hahn, well known for his wisdom, suggests we might want to compost our stress. He says:

Adversity: Despair or Stimulus for Growth?

It is often believed adversity leads to depression and despair.  But what about stimulating growth? There is a very long tradition of viewing suffering as offering the possibilities for positive change, such as in the work of Maslow (1998). This is not to say, that growth will be an inevitable result, but that personal distress and growth often co-exist. Critical life crises can offer possibilities for change

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

One of the biggest findings in happiness research is that once our income is beyond poverty level, further increases in money does not lead to increased happiness.  Other ethical principles also are proving to be empirically sound.  Giving makes people happier than self-indulgent pleasures, and the strongest determiner of happiness is showing itself to be meaningful relationships.

Reflections: The Power of Female Friendship

Dr. Dobransky’s has written an interesting book, The Power of Female Friendship, that is interesting from an evolutionary perspective. It takes courage for a man to step forth and write a book on the power of female friendship. It creates a path for a higher level of partnership and cooperation. Moreover, he gives the principles so that that help each of us contribute to the overall good — one moment at a time, right where we are, in our own back yard. It happens with the significant people in our life. Here is is how I see it.

Happiness and Success: The Power of Female Friendship

I have been intrigued by two books written by Dr. Paul Dobransky (Dr. Paul). The first is the “Power of Female Friendship,” The second is “The Secret Psychology of How we Fall in Love.” Most fascinating is that at the core of both books is the application of the expansion of consciousness to relationships.

Awareness Gives Choice: Celebrating Gender

Recent work on the power of female friendship has recognized the differences in how men and women view the world. While we each have a male and female aspect within ourselves, there remain biological differences that are hard wired. The masculine view is often recognized as more single focused, logical, and task-oriented, while the feminine view is more diffuse, feeling, creative, and relationship oriented.

Become Empowered: Accept and Define Yourself

One of the keys to success in your personal life, your family life, and in your business is to be able to accept and define yourself. This is called differentiation. It is your ability to define your own life goals apart from the influence of others. You see it when you stand up for what you believe when others are pressuring you. For example, if you are being pressured by the kids to buy products you are not comfortable, you can firmly and calmly give them an alternative and tell them, “no.”

Forgiveness: A Key to Transformation and Growth

Gardens are springing up in neighborhoods and local communities all around. Locally grown food is soaring in popularity. Farmers markets have increased over the last few years, as have many other local businesses, such as food coops, green grocers, and book stores. These are just a few ways in which people are rediscovering the benefits of an economy rooted in the local community and independent business. These community efforts help us to share more, make it with less, and put people and planet first.

Stay Cool: Know the Three Brains of Success

Would you like to stay cool in times of stress? Would you like learn the hidden keys to happiness and success? Then check out some of the work of Dr.Paul Dobransky. He has written two most interesting books: The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love,and The Power of Female Friendship. A third book is forthcoming, The Three Brains of Mr. Right.

Wise Words for Creating solutions That Work forAll

Here in St. Louis, the doldrums of winter are giving way to spring. Buds are appearing on the trees, blades of green grass pushing out of the ground, and flowers are bursting into bloom. Everywhere new growth is beginning to emerge. In celebration of new growth, this post focuses on the emergence of solutions that honor the the best of ourselves while adapting to change in meeting the needs of all.

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