Socially Conscious Business

Making the world a better place starts from within. the more we identify our values and higher purpose, clearing the blocks, the greater the impact. The more our work comes truly from a good place in our heart, the more we are effective in creating meaningful and purposeful actions that promote healthy change.  

Happiness: Is Prosperity the Key?

Is continual economic growth the key to wellbeing?  Blogger, Tony Wellington, in his post, Prosperity May Not Be Happiness Key, says No.  Indeed he suggests that negative events, such as the Great Depression, and even the 911 terrorist attack, DID NOT lead to a downturn in mood, but rather to an increased sense of well being. People had to unify and struggle together which gave their life meaning. We are happier, he says, when we unite around a sense of purpose.

Happiness: When More is Less

Often people participate in workshops for personal growth.  I attended a 3-Day seminar last weekend and was delighted to see that many of the speakers were concerned about the economy.  There were many opportunities social networking as well as for obtaining new information. 

As is common in American Society, I found myself facing the choice of choosing to purchase additional information and products or to be satisfied with applying the information I already have.  I chose the latter.  Actually, the social networking was of the greatest benefit to me.

Become Empowered: Cultivate Your Seventh Sense

Your Seventh Sense?  What is that?  No doubt, you have heard about your sixth sense.  The sixth sense refers to your intuition, your gut feeling,  and being in tune with your vibes.

The "Seventh Sense" is a phrase developed by Dr. Paul Dobransky. It refers to your personal understanding of the "Why" behind your intuition.  When you cultivate your "Seventh Sense," you know how your mind works and understand the reasons behind your vibes and gut feeling. Your seventh sense allows you to have what Dr. Paul calls, a "Cool eye," so that you do not react to your situation, but can reflect upon it and know your next step. 

Become Aware, Create Choice, Expand, and Grow

  • Do you want to create a more positive and meaningful life?
  • Are you happy with what you have attracted into your life?
  • Have you discovered that it was not what you expected?
  • Have you found that the concept "Money" as "Wealth" has left your drained?
  • Would you like to create "Real Wealth" and a happier, more sustainable way of life?

My name is Dr. Alice Vlietstra.  I have been helping individuals and families for over 25 years to use their challenges to expand and grow.

Hope: The Stirrings of Consciousness

One large source of shift, may result from the stirrings of consciousness. James O’ Dea shares that It is becoming increasingly apparent that once people see the damage being done to the whole, they can no longer pursue the self interest of the parts. For example, the overall well being of the community as a whole must take precedence before the financial gain of any one part. No longer can companies pollute at the expense of the community. Similarly, a child cannot grow into a responsible adult without support from a caring family and community.The deeper patterns and connections must be addressed.

Consciousness in Creating a New Earth

James Walker, in reviewing Eckart Tolle’s book, “A New Earth” gives us insight on Oprah’s endorsement of Tolle’s book. Walker asks, what’s the connection between Oprah and Tolle? He says, “The key, I think, is the link Oprah makes between finding yourself and saving the planet. This is a powerful new connection, especially in view of the concern about climate change and environmental degradation.”

Beyond Denial: The Transformation Challenge

As we look into our world, we can no longer live in denial. When we face this moment in time, we feel challenged in every way. The air is challenged, the oceans are challenged, the economy is challenged. The masterpieces of our life our challenged in every way. And yet, James O’Dea President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, says we “were born for such a time as this.” — “Decipher the hour. This moment in evolutionary time calls you to be a witness. You are called whether you are young or old. Otherwise, you would not be here at this time.” He has summarized the situation quite well.

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