Your Winning Mindset - Getting Ready for Fall

Children and students are going back to school. Friends and family are returning from vacation. All are getting ready to work together again.  What kind of success would you like to achieve this fall? Will it be a success that is deeply gratifying that promotes prosperity, health and well-being?  Sign in the box on the right for a a complementary teleseminar on the critical factors for long-lasting success.  Learn how to create a winning mindset through strength-based collaborative teamwork.

Our high powered team pulled together information from three sources: Culture, relationships, and the self. Dr. Jane Granskog spoke on the three R's that have helped cultures survive and thrive. Dr. Alice Vlietstra gave the ABC's on the key strengths that build family and community.  Dr. Adrienne Zahner show you how to ATTEND to your body to make high energy decisions.


Dr. Alice