Your Winning Mindset

•    Do you want to create a more positive and meaningful life?
•    Are you happy with what you have attracted into your life?
•    Have you discovered that it was not what you expected?
•    Would you like to transform it into an opportunity for expansion and growth
•    Tap in to your strengths to activate your winning mindset

We all like the experience of playing on a winning team.  If we want to create change, a major key to success is knowing how to play a winning game.  The first key is to know the difference between a win-win, and win-loss mindset.  A win-win game is very different from a win-lose mindset of “winner take all.” 

Win-Win mindsets are based on positive emotions, such as love, happiness, and joy. Win-lose mindsets are based on negative emotions, such as fear and anger.  Negative emotions signal danger and constrict our attention to the obstacles that need to be removed.  A win-win mindset is based on positive emotion, broadens our attention, and builds upon our past.

Positive emotions also expand our awareness to include the negative, so as to transform it, making the whole situation positive.  Even better, research has shown that positive emotions, such as happiness and joy, are infectious. It has a ripple effect on others.  Win win mindsets are more expansive and meaningful than a focus on win lose.  Any situation can be seen as win win or win-lose.  A major key to winning is to maintain and internal mindset of remaining positive.  One way to do it, is to tap into your strengths.  Sign up for my E-newsletter and special report for tips on keeping a positive perspective. You also can find many tips in my posts and blogs.