Transform Stress to Success

It has been said, "Greatness is born out of adversity."  Unfortunately, this is not always true.  When under pressure, emotions climb. Adversity can bring out your courage, brilliance, and persistence.  OR, it can STRESS you out. Learn how to use your stress to bring out your best.Join us for our teleseminar on Monday, October 26, 7-8:00 PM CDT as we explore how stress actually can help you grow and evolve.

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In this teleseminar, you will:

*Take a cultural perspective to see the critical factors that contribute to stress.
-Dr. Jane Granskog - Cultural anthropology

*Compare the difference between an internal vs. an external yardstick of success on reducing stress.
Dr. Alice Vlietstra - Positive Psychology

*Learn how messages from your body can help you identify and reduce stress.
Dr. Adrienne Zahner - Integrative healing

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