The Wake-Up Call Inspires Many

0ne of my favorite magazines is "Yes" Magazine. The latest issue has focused on the financial crisis as our best chance for a more positive future.  David Korten, an economist, one of the founders of the magazine, states  ". . . We should give thanks that financial collapse hit us before the worst of global warming and peak oil . . . It buys time to build a new economy that serves life rather than money.  It lays bare the fact that the existing financial system has brought our way of life and the natural systems on which we depend to the brink of collapse.  This wake-up call is inspiring unprecedented numbers of people to take action to bring forth the culture and institutions of a new economy that can serve us and sustain our living planet for generations to come."

The shift is becoming clear. We have to change from a money based operating system that is designed for the sole purpose of making money for the few who have money, to a values based operating system, says Korten. This is a system focused on rebuilding designed to build sustainable wealth in communities and ecosystems. I could not more heartily agree.  It is exciting to so many people become empowered to make a difference.