The "Blessed Unrest:" What is The Energy Behind It?

The "Blessed Unrest," a book by Paul Hawken, describes one of the largest hidden movements in the world. It involves of millions of people at the grass roots. Socically conscious and aware, these are the people working behind the scenes, taking action on what needs to be done. 

They are working on some of the most pressing issues of the day:  Climate change, poverty, peace, and many more. What is the energy behind it? I believe the energy behind it is from a higher source, and here in America, the Declaration of Independence. It was the dream of our founding forefathers that if we honored our higher virtues and values that it was possible to honor the unique perspective of each individual, while also honoring the common good.

It energizes our concerns and caring for each other. The values and beliefs of our founding forefathers have great power. Research has clarified what these virtues are, and has disscovered that each has some of these virtues as a part of our basic character. 

Moreover, they are universal to all cultures and traditions. These are qualities such as wisdom, justice, courage, love.  They reflect areas where we like to give in a way that serves a higher purpose.  When you discover what you like to do, and also discover that you are also connected and contributing to others, it provides a deep sense of gratification.  May you take time to honor them to bring out your best.


Dr. Alice