Stay Cool: Know the Three Brains of Success

Would you like to stay cool in times of stress? Would you like learn the hidden keys to happiness and success? Then check out some of the work of Dr.Paul Dobransky. He has written two most interesting books: The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love,and The Power of Female Friendship. A third book is forthcoming, The Three Brains of Mr. Right.

At the core of his work is his description of the evolution of the brain. Three brains play a most significant role in our relationships. The most ancient aspect of the brain is the brainstem, (the reptilian brain). This is the center of gender related instincts and is an area where men and women are profoundly different. The midbrain (the mammalian brain) is the center of our emotions, the core of friendship, and the cortex (the higher brain) is the center of our character. On this he cites, “Character is Destiny.” You win your game when your character has victory in guiding your decisions in the game of life.

Knowing this information gives us, as Dr. Paul says, a “Cool Eye.” This is the observing eye that knows the optimal path for ourselves so we can make wise decisions.

Dr. Paul uses a concise scientific system to describe how the brain works in relationships to create higher levels of happiness and success. His books are fascinating. He integrates complex concepts in a format that is easy to understand and has many examples and stories to illustrate his points. If you want powerful knowledge to enhance your understanding of relationships, his books are a must.