Presidential Strengths

Have you ever noticed that many of our holidays are around the celebration of our deeper values and strengths? When we honor President's day,  we honor the George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for their strengths of leadership. Memorial day honors those who have died in service to our country.  All are examples where people have followed their higher values.

Holidays can be an opportunity for you to celebrate the higher values and strengths in your life too. Everyone has them.  They give deep meaning to your life. It is very gratifying to take time to acknowledge them. First discover them within yourself. You will know when you are connecting with your special strengths and values because enjoy using them.  What are the activities you enjoy the most? Consider taking time to write them down.

When you are in your strengths you experience flow, feel enthusiastic, and excited. You tend to create special projects around them.  You will be more able to follow your vibes, honor your intuition, and take bigger risks. This is your deeper connection with your essential self. When you invest your time and energy in these qualities, your relationships get better. Why? The more you discover the life sources within yourself, the more you will love yourself and the more you will see life and love in others. Now isn't that attractive?