Manifesting with The Magic of Intuition

Would you like to face your challenges with grace and ease, honor your deeper knowings, and have more money, peace, and joy? Do you know one of the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factors in consciously creating what you want? It is your intuition. The challenge is to learn how to recognize it, trust it, and use it.

Two experts in the area of intuition are Kimberly Schneider, The Manifestation Maven, and Dr. Samantha St. Julian, creator of Synergia Healing Arts. I have interviewed Kimberly Schneider on the importance of on the values roots that have guided her intuition.

You can listen to the interview by checking the post of September 22, 2008. It has been a delight for me to know Kimberly. She has impressed me for her ability to take care of herself, be a good Mom, and do extremely well with her career. Even better is that she has honored the power of the generations, bringing in the values and contributions of her parents.

This is a wonderful example of the power of your intuition in creating the kind of focus we need for success with our children, families, and community. If you would like to become inspired, just check this out.

Manifesting with the Magic of Intuition.