Little Things are Big Things: Honor Your Strengths

When your actions are connected with your virtues and strengths, little things become big things.  For example, I often work with people who have a vague sense of anxiety and depression, saying they do not feel fulfilled. 

When you are aware of your unique character strengths and higher virtues, you will know where you like to contribute to something bigger than yourself.  You will discover a deeper meaning in life because your actions will be connected to a greater purpose.  Then little things become big things.  You feel connected and important. 

For example, I know an older lady who liked to take care of her grandchildren. At first, she did not see how her help was important, because she was no longer a mother.  When she became aware of the importance of her care in the healthy development of children, she felt much happier. In the civil rights movement, what would have happened if Rosa Parks did not take a stand against sitting at the back of the bus?  It looks like a small action, but in the big picture it was very significant. 

In the same way each of us can take daily actions that honor our deeper values. When we look at values, everybody's actions count.  It can be a grandma taking extra time With grand children, a person deciding to donate their extra stuff to the needy, taking time to turn of the TV and have a family meal, and choosing to drive less. 

All of these are examples of ways in which people can contribute in a way they believe makes a better world.   We are doers and creators, not human robots.  Our caring, creative actions form a direct contrast to hate, destruction, and calamity.  When the actions of many are combined, it has a powerful impact.  Beyond pleasure that there is a deeper, more authentic happiness that comes from honoring your higher values.  It helps you to bring out your best.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice

©Alice Vlietstra 2010