Grass Roots Empowerment

One big change that has occurred with the downturn in the economy has been an increased communication and connection in the grass roots community.  For example, two years ago, none of my neighbors had a garden.  Now they all do.  Previously, I would search the phone book for a repair man, now the repairman is easily accessed right in the neighborhood.  Rather than connecting with impersonal corporate businesses, I much prefer connecting with local businesses.

The grass roots community is a fundamental part of our society.  The government and institutions can provide human services, but they cannot provide the quality of care that occurs at the grass roots level.   It is at the grass roots level were people connect, converse, and act.  It is in local networking where out- of- work employees find jobs and the support to start new businesses. It is our local neighborhood where we develop a neighborhood watch for the healthy developmentof children.  Now with the pressure for environmental and society change, it is the grass roots community where ordinary people become empowered.   It is an opportunity to manifest the real American Dream - healthy, happy children, loving families, and a healthy natural environment.

Are you experiencing stress?  Get to know your neighbors, network with people in the community. Take time to discover the gifts of those around you.  It is at the grass roots where people care.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice