From Wall Street to Main Street - Look Around

As our financial system continues to crumble, a new economy is taking form. It is an economy that focuses on restoring the environment, increasing the well being of people, and building sustainable wealth in our local communities.  Rather than relying on Wall Street, it is one that places our future on Main Street. Rather than relying on relying on a Wall Street illusion that money is wealth, the new economy is built on new forms of democratic finance and business, more emphasis on local banks rooted in the communities they serve, on worker-owned cooperatives, and even new means of exchange.  The latest issue of "Yes" Magazine describes many of these efforts.

Look around. It is happening all over.  Here is an example. Last year, only one of my neighbors had a garden. This year three neighbors have gardens and we are sharing seeds and talking over the fence.  This is the stuff that builds community. Here is another one. Over Memorial Day weekend, I had opportunity to visit a business called "Growing Power," which is a leader in the urban local food movement. It was exciting to see the participation of the youth, answering the customers' questions, and helping with sales.  These efforts to more than provide a local food supply.  They also help to rebuild our communities and give hope to our youth. Our youth and young adults are making a difference and greatly appreciated.

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Dr. Alice