From Stress to Success: Discover the Hidden Keys to Greatness

It has been said, "Greatness is born out of adversity."  Unfortunately, this is not always true.  When under pressure, emotions climb.  Adversity can bring out your courage, brilliance, and persistence.  OR, it can make you an ugly beast, get angry, or run for cover. What does it take for stress to bring out your best? In this the series of blog posts we explore how stress actually can help you grow and evolve. You can gain ideas from excerpts of our From Stress to Success Teleseminar.

In this telesminar you will:

*Learn how to connect with your cultural strengths and ancestors to sustain life. -Dr. Jane Granskog - Cultural anthropology.

*Identify the key values, strengths, and resources that bring families and businesses to greatness. Dr. Alice Vlietstra - Positive Psychology,

*Learn how messages from your body can help you identify and reduce stress. Dr. Adrienne Zahner - Integrative healing.