Forgiveness: A Key to Transformation and Growth

Gardens are springing up in neighborhoods and local communities all around. Locally grown food is soaring in popularity. Farmers markets have increased over the last few years, as have many other local businesses, such as food coops, green grocers, and book stores. These are just a few ways in which people are rediscovering the benefits of an economy rooted in the local community and independent business. These community efforts help us to share more, make it with less, and put people and planet first.

For many, the downfall in the stock market, the loss of jobs and global warming has been a wake-up call. Change is needed. The process of change is marked by moving towards what we want, leaving behind what we do not want. All too often, however, there is a tendency to complain when life brings stress. But is complaining a solution? The answer is no. Research shows that it only prolongs suffering. Far more powerful is your ability to use your experience to empower yourself, expand and grow.

This the first of three posts that focuses on a key to expansion and growth – the practice of forgiveness. Forgiveness s like preparing and turning the soil, pulling out old roots for new seeds to take hold. Forgiveness makes the way for new growth. It has a number of benefits: less stress, better health, more stable relationships, and a hope for a better future. Research has promoted a better understanding of forgiveness, and has given some practical tools for easily incorporating it into your life. These tools will follow.