Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your Kids

Often our lives are anything but joy! It is more like a tizzy, managing ten things at a time. Kids need to be brought to school, reports need to be completed for work, and then the children are asking for the latest videos and toys. Meanwhile, the house is full of clutter and you can't find your keys.

With all these demands, little is thought about the hassle for you.  When the kids make demands for new videos and toys, little thought is given to the cost, whether they are really beneficial, or the time needed to purchase and store them.  As with many adults, we have been riding on the waves of thinking that this frantic materialistic lifestyle is going to make us happy!

Now we are discovering the obvious. A materialistic consumer based lifestyle can make us financially and physically drained. The marketing and advertising, showing the initial pleasure, does not show what happens when the initial glimmer dies away, or how continually purchasing can put us on a hedonic treadmill, with little real happiness or joy.

This is good time take a moment, slow down and reflect on what really counts.

First, find a quiet spot, take a deep breath, and shift your attention to your heart.  Check it out, your heart is still beating. Take a moment to love and celebrate being alive.  It is life that counts.

Recall the joy and the positive emotion that you have felt when you are loving your children,  your family and friends.  Reflect on the deep joy you felt when you came through a difficult time, and the closeness that you felt.

Now reflect. What is the best way to handle this? Listen to the wisdom that comes within. If the kids are fighting and demanding, you might just want to take a moment to let them know you love them and give them a hug.  If the demands of getting things done are too great, you might want to phone a friend or family members for ideas, or simply to ask for their thoughts of support or prayer, thanking them for their help.

Notice the joy that comes from making loving, caring, connections.  It is these connections that promote the long-term well being of ourselves and our children. Now isn't that more attractive?

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice Vlietstra