Education - a Real Education is More Than Schooling

Education -- what does it mean to you? -- assignments, textbooks, grades? Today, many  are questioning this approach.   John Gatto, in his book, Weapons of Mass Instruction,  believes that our real education is more than schooling.  Our real education, he believes, is not in the classroom but out in the world.  This education comes from building character and community. It carries more long term benefits than learning from tired books and lesson plans.

I remember, as an undergraduate in college, I read the textbooks, and studied for tests to get good grades. It did not mean nearly as much to me as did working as a Girl Scout Counselor for children during the summer.  It was a blast, and gave my schooling much more meaning

Why are these real life experiences so important? It shifts our perspective to one of education used as an external standard for competitive purposes, making money, and separation, to one of working together, benefiting others and ourselves. It helps us to identify our deeper values and caring for each other, for the good of all.  Now, isn't that more attractive than being bored, sitting in school?

To Your Success,

Dr. Alice