The Eco Mind

Here in St. Louis, flowers are blooming and trees are budding.  We are celebrating the new growth of spring.   Just as we enjoy seeing the new life of spring, we also can celebrate new growth by expanding our ways of seeing the world.  I would like to share with you a new growth of that is emerging in a number of disciplines.  It is called the Eco Mind.

The Eco mind is a world view that looks at the world in relationship to everything else. It creates a more life-serving mental map than one that only focuses on completion for scarce physical resources. Breakthroughs are occurring in a range of disciplines are confirming the positive social aspects of ourselves.  We are complex human creatures with many sources of strength that enable us to cooperate and work together in the best interest of all rather than just to compete.

We all have core assumptions in how we view the world.  These assumptions, often hidden, determine what we see and what we do not. They are often based on outdated limited views of ourselves developed at an earlier time.  Upon reflection, we can change them.  This spring, consider expanding your view by developing your Eco Mind.