Daily Actions, Quality Change

As the old economy crumbles, many are questioning "What really brings happiness and success?"  It affects our actions in any ways.  Would you like to move from fear to connection, optimism, and hope?  Then join us for a complementary teleseminar. You will gain a much more positive view.

I will be bringing together our expertise from three areas to create a more holistic perspective. You will have an opportunity to:

*Discover how age old wisdom from indigeneous cultures brings sustainable life to our economy
- Dr. Jane Granskog - Cultural anthropology

*Connect with the deeper values that build prosperity with harmony.
- Dr. Alice Vlietstra - Positive Psychology

*Learn how messages from your body can help you make high energy decisions.
- Dr. Adrienne Zahner - Integrative healing

All of us will be giving examples of how small actions with this new awareness creates big shifts.

Join us Monday July 20 at 4:00 PM CDT. You may attend by webcast or phone, just sign up in the box  at the right and you will get the link. If you cannot make it, a replay will be available.