Creating a Fresh Start in Your Relationships

Each year gives us an opportunity to create new visions and new plans, particularly in our relationships.  Sometimes, our current relationships may bring new stages of growth. Other times, we may recognize that a relationship has served its unique purpose and may need to close. Here are three tips that you might want to consider in facilitating your relationship growth.

1)  Recognize that you and every person you have come to know deserves the very best.  Each person is born to be cherished, loved, and adored. Just like each kind of seed needs its own unique conditions for optimum growth, so does each person need its own unique kinds of nourishment.  Each person has their own unique passions, path, and preferences for successful relating. We need to honor them.

2)  Acknowledge what you have learned from the people who have come into your life.  Each person brings an opportunity for our growth and personal perfection.  When we experience negative emotions, they can be shifted to the positive through forgiveness. When we honor the positive growth, we will bring more of  the positive in our life.  What you focus on expands. For example, a breakup in a relationship may bring a feeling of abandonment.  At the same time, a breakup also brings new freedom, and an opportunity for a new start.  Be sure to acknowledge the positive in the past, because then it can continue to support you.

3)  Make a space for new growth. Just as a seed needs a space for growth, so does a relationship.  We need to clear out the old roots that may interfere with new growth and have a vision for the future.  Nourish your growth by creating an unoccupied visual space. For example, you might want to make a vision board.  Go through magazines and check out what resonates with you. Then place them on a board where you can see it.  What would a healthy relationship look like to you?  How would it feel?  If there are any blocks, release them.  All will help to create a new path to attract positive growth.