Creating a Fresh Start: "Fired" or Inspired

As the economy tanks, the worst two words one wants to hear is "Your Fired."  While getting fired or losing a job is very difficult,  it also is an opportunity to create a fresh start.  Instead of struggling with "Your Fired," become inspired.  As our financial institutions have collapsed, so has the story that money is the measure of happiness, health, and wealth. Here are three tips for making a change.

1) Take a moment to honor your strengths. Also note the strengths of your friends, family and community. It is our deeper values and strengths that pull us through difficult times.  Reflect on those strengths that are important to you and to those in your life.  Then share with others what you appreciate.  When you do so, you also will better appreciate yourself.

2) Recognize that the problem is not entirely yours.  It also is the economic system. We are discovering that an economy that is based on the belief that money is the true measure of wealth no longer works.  Instead, economist, David Korten, and co-founder of Yes! magazine says the true measures of wealth are healthy children, families, communities and ecological systems.  I would agree.

3) Speak up so that our economy is accountable to the people, not the reverse.  Favor local businesses that honor community values and serve community needs.  Your actions count. The consistent small actions of each of us help to create a tipping point for change.

When one door closes, another door opens.  Connect with others, network, and find creative ways to get around the difficulties with the economy.  Get leads from those around you, and brainstorm projects and solutions. When you are in your strengths and supported by others, you will discover what to do.  Our economic challenge is an opportunity to create a story that better serves life.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Alice

Reference:  Korten, David C.  Agenda For a New Economy:  From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth.