Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

One of the biggest findings in happiness research is that once our income is beyond poverty level, further increases in money does not lead to increased happiness.  Other ethical principles also are proving to be empirically sound.  Giving makes people happier than self-indulgent pleasures, and the strongest determiner of happiness is showing itself to be meaningful relationships.

A focus on character strengths has many benefits for successful relating.  It helps us to see people in another way.  By seeing the strengths of others, our view point becomes much more accepting, which in turn leads to positive and more flexible and creative thinking. We become more tolerant of others, while still maintaining our own point of view.

As a consequence, we are more able to share and build intellectual, emotional, and physical resources that enhance our life. Individuals can be unique and still one and move to a broader, more inclusive perspective that creates harmony and well being.

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