Celebrating Family: Appreciating Elders

The upcoming holidays are a good time to honor our relatives, friends, and family.  It also is a good time to recognize the gifts of the different ages.

Over the last week I have been attending a workshop with Bert Hellinger, now in his 80's.  He spoke and showed us examples of the laws of love in families. It has been a  great inspiration to be in the presence of his wisdom and spirit.

Often, we have an internal image of those older than ourselves as weak and frail, forgetting that while they may not be as physically active as ourselves, their spiritual resources and wisdom has great power. It lets us know when to act and when not to act. It helps to promote the good of all, and it conserves energy.

For example,  my mother, age 88, prays daily for the family. Most impressive to me is her perspective and her ability to remain nonjudgmental. She does not respond to differences among the children and even prays for the ex-spouses. All are included. Her silent prayers have been significant in reducing conflict and over time have great power in promoting peace and harmony in the family.

This spiritual influence and wisdom of the elders, whether overt,as in the speaking and workshops of Bert Hellinger, or covert, as in the prayers of the grandmothers, is often hidden. Still, it is  highly attractive to all and balances the family system.