Become Empowered - Use Your strengths to Face Adversity

Today, with the strains on our economy, our ecological systems, our businesses, and families, we are facing challenges that cannot be solved in old ways.  This is marked by an need for a focus on real learning.  We need people who are awake, aware, engaged, and ready to take a hard look at what works and what does not.  We also need people who can rise to the occasion, use their strengths, stay calm, and not blow up or fall apart, as we begin to forge a new path. Is it possible to stay sane and use stress to create success?

The impact of stress has been studied in the Laws of Therodynamics from physics.  One great contributor is the Nobel Prize winner, Ilya Prigogine. One of the laws of Theromydynamics from physics says that if systems are left alone, the structure will erode into more disorder and chaos.  That is, if left alone, things in our universe will slip into more and more disorder and fall apart.  For example, if a tree falls to the ground, it will rot and decay over time.  In the same way, if you decide to become a couch potato, and watch TV all day, it is likely that your life will fall apart.

Prigogone got his Nobel prize for a different observation. His theory stated the opposite.  He observed that if you overload a system, by adding more energy, and putting it under pressure, something happens.  IT BECOMES PERTURBED.  It upsets the status quo. This is where greatness comes from. When under stress, you experience the heat.  It feels like you are ready to explode.  The tendency is back off and run for cover, or explode and become an ugly beast.  But under the right conditions, something interesting begins to happen.  You do not fall apart.  You do not blow up.  You actually evolve your ways of handling the perturbance to a more complex way that is able to handle the stress.

Take the tree.  The tree falls in the forest, then into a bog, and sinks to the earth.  Then under the pressure of the earth, over time, it turns into coal.  With continued pressure and heat, it turns into coal and eventually into a diamond - a substance that is much more complex and able to handle incredible amounts of pressure.  In the same way, all great individuals, individuals, and countries learned ways to be able to handle the heat.  In this series of posts we will look at ways to handle the heat.  We will look at it from the standpoint of culture, our families and businesses, and our individual capabilities.

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